A will is one of the most common legal needs, but less than 25% of Europeans have one

We are now coming to the end of the year and it may be a good time to think about making a Spanish will, or to update an existing one.

As you may know, a will is not exclusively about making sure that the right people will inherit without disagreement or problems. It is a formal declaration of intention made by a person in his life-time of his wishes concerning the disposal of his property after his death.

We understand the need to preserve and protect your assets and those of your family. If you hare purchasing or already have a property in Spain, we strongly recommend you make a Spanish will in order to facilitate the distribution of your Spanish assets.

We have arranged many wills in Spain for foreigners and we believe that it is a satisfying part of life’s planning and not something which should simply be left to chance. It is a good idea to talk to your family about it so they understand your issues and know what you want. It may help those around you to understand your wishes in distressing circumstances.

In Spain, the signing of wills must be made by the testator in the presence of a Public Notary who will keep the original document in his file until the day of death, and will register it in the Spanish Central Registry of wills which is situated in Madrid.

If you have already made a will in Spain, please note that your financial and family circumstances can change and therefore your will should be reviewed and updated.

If you decide to contact us, we can:

  1. Advise and guide you in preparing or revising your Spanish will. You can make several wills, but it is only the last signed will that is valid.
  2. Advise you on Inheritance Tax and explain the whole proceeding of distribution of the inheritance after death.
  3. Assist you at the Notary Office when you sign your Spanish will.

Our standard fees for helping you to prepare and sign a Spanish will are 150 euro for one Will (21 % VAT and notary fees included) and 300 euro for two Wills (21 % VAT and notary fees included).

For further information on making Spanish wills and to arrange a free appointment, please do not hesitate to contact us at We will be pleased to study your particular case and help you to prepare a will.


Mr Jose Manuel Garzon

Senior Partner

tel. 952 901 115

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